Gold Dipped Glitter Trim Feathers, Natural Duck and Goose Feather Pendants with Metal Cap, 2 PCs, 2.5" and 2.75" - (FDG001)

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Unique 2.5" and 2.75" Natural Duck and Goose Feather Pendants with Gold Dipped Glitter Trim and Metal Cap. Great for Jewelry Making and Decoration

* Add a pair of hypoallergenic surgical stainless steel earring hooks with long-lasting color!

(Handmade in the USA)

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♥ All of our duck and goose feathers are a byproduct of the meat industry. These feathers are collected and used by us which would otherwise be discarded.
♥ Our exotic peacock and ostrich feathers are naturally molted and collected. Therefore, no birds are harm exclusively for their feathers.